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About Keita Ochiai, Shiatsupractor


Practice experience in Shiatsu therapy since 2005

Specialized in muscle tension relieve and treated over 20,000 people

97% of success rates in loosen neck & shoulder stiffness, and YOU can feel the difference too!

See how he performs from our Testimonial page.


Educations and Title

      - 2200 hour Shiatsupractor diploma program  2006

      - Member of the Canadian Shiatsu Society of BC 2005 - Current

      - Vice President of the Canadian Shiatsu Society of BC  2015

      - President of the Canadian Shiatsu Society of BC 2016 - Current

      - Jin Shin Do  2006

      - Reflexology  2006

Keita Ochiai was born in Hakodate city, Hokkaido, Japan.

He was fascinated by nature in Canada, and decided to moved to Canmore AB to take the course 'Mountain Skills Semester' in 2000 and became a hiking guide under Yamnuska Mountain Tours.

He served 4 seasons as a hiking guide at Banff, Yoho, Jasper and Waterton national park.

At the same time, he served as a aurora guide in Yellowknife, NWT for 3 seasons.

He acquired ACMG day hike guide licence in 2003.

He moved to Vancouver to study Shiatsu therapy at the Canadian College of Shiatsu Therapy and completed the 2200-hour Shiatsupractor Diploma Program in 2006.

He became a member of the Canadian Shiatsu Society of BC and received the title as a Shiatsupractor. (SPR-200401)

He was the Vice President of the Canadian Shiatsu Society of BC in 2015.

Currently, he is one of the board member of the Canadian Shiatsu Society of BC.

He had worked at the Japan Shiatsu Clinic in Vancouver from 2005 till 2013.

During the employment, he worked as a store manager at the busy clinics such as Surrey City Central clinic, Lougheed mall clinic and Lonsdale Quay clinic.

His back ground of Kyokushin Karate over 20 years enable him to perform steady and deep finger pressure.


Karate title:

 -2006 - Canadian Championship / Light weight 1st

 -2006 & 2007 - Vancouver Cup (All Canada) / Light weight 2nd

 -2004 & 2006 - Local tournament 1st 

He is reliable, hard working, always caring about others, pure and kind. His down to earth persona was loved by all the staff from Japan Shiatsu Clinic as well as the clients.

His physical strength is outstanding that he can treat people without rest for a long time.

He volunteered at the Iron Man in Whistler in 2013 as a Shiatsu massage therapist and treated tremendous amount of people for non stop for 8 hours.

He says it was an amazing experience. (and he could do more!!)

He was the only therapist  who did not get rest and who stayed from the beginning until the end of the event.


He moved to Kelowna in November, 2013 and started his own clinic, KIAI SHIATSU massage Kelowna in order to spread this amazing therapy to the people in Kelowna.

His dream is to make people happy by remove stress and pain from your body & mind and bring a big smile on your face.

Shiatsu massage is very popular in Vancouver, but not in Kelowna as there are not many Asian in town , so he sees the challenge & dream in it.

Of course, he loves the nature and beautiful scenery of this city!

He enjoys bike riding, hiking and taking photos.

He put lots of effort toward continues education and also perform shiatsu instructor for professional shiatsu therapists.


Chiharu Sato,  Receptionist / Director

She had worked at Japan Shiatsu Clinic / Canadian College of Shiatsu Therapy from 2003 to 2013 as a Chief Operating Officer.

She moved to Kelowna in 2014 and continues her Shiatsu journey with Keita at KIAI SHIATSU massage Kelowna.

Our client's need is supported by her 20+ years of experience in the Shiatsu field.

She does orientation for the first clients and taking appointments.

She completed The Shiatsu Foundation Certificate Course at Canadian College of Shiatsu Therapy in 2006.

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