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Regular Price

Special Full Energize

  150 min / $335

  120 min / $270

Full Energize

90 min / $195

75 min / $170

60 min / $135

6 Package Price

Special Full Energize 

150 min / $310

120 min / $250

Special Energize 

90 min / $180

75 min / $158

60 min / $125

  • Plus TAX

  • Cash ONLY

  • Price is per session. It can not be divide into smaller sessions.

  • 24 hour notice for cancellation is required                        

        (Please read our cancellation policy)


    FREE Consultation

    All treatment is customized with your request and conditions




6 Value Package....... Our most popular package.

When you buy our 6 Shiatsu massage value package, you will receive an

 Up to $25.00 discount per session! 

You don't need to pay the sum of the money up front!

Please ask the detail payment plan to us.

This package is ideal for the people who really want to change his/her lifestyle and live pain free.

You can also use this package for a long-term treatment, wish regular health check-ups or the person who is experiencing stress on daily basis.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY SPECIAL....... Free 10min addition on your Shiatsu massage session during your birthday month. 


Send our Gift Certificates to your loved one!

We will take a great care for them!


Birthday, Anniversary, Thank you, Xmas present etc...

It is very thoughtful and best & perfect gift for your

friends and family!


Note: *These Gift Certificate has no expiry. No cash value

           *Seasonal version of the Gift Certificate is available.


KIAI SHIATSU massage kelowna sells gift certificate
GC of KIAI SHIATSU massage Kelowna
GC of KIAI SHIATSU massage Kelowna
We can send you our GC via email and you can make a payment by E-transfer!
If you are not familiar with E-transfer, please check this website E-transfer
Please contact us and include these information below.
  • Length of the session   Please refer this page  Our session 
  • Number of session
  • [Answer] to receive the payment by E-transfer 

7 reasons to choose KIAI SHIATSU


1: We keep your condition record for each session!
When you come to KIAI SHIATSU massage Kelowna, we will ask you to fill out your health condition on the client record.
Based on your record, we will counsel your health problem with you and customize the treatment, just for you. 
If you have any questions about your condition or detail of the treatment, we will be happy to assist you until you feel comfortable receiving the treatment.
2: Full hour is set aside for your treatment
Many people tell us that other treatments take only 15 min and they just lied with some equipment on them.
When you request let's say 60 min treatment with us, you will get full 60 min treatment.
Consultation time is outside of the treatment time and we don't charge for it.
3: No wasting time by waiting
We take appointment, so you don't need to wait for one hour at the waiting area just to get a 10 min treatment.
We are located in central Kelowna and it's a easy access!
4: You feel great during and after the treatment
This pressure point treatment is performed only use of thumb and palm, (No tools or bony parts of the body) so it feels fantastic!
The therapist presses each pressure points one by one rhythmically and courteously, so you will be able to talk to your body and realize what part is weak and/or tired.
When he holds the pressure on your knot, it disappears gradually.
It's a great way to learn your body and review your lifestyle.
Because of the nature of Shiatsu therapy, we don't use oil for the treatment.
Therefore, you don't need to take your cloths off. 
It is a perfect therapy for the people who has allergy, skin problems or don't like to take their cloths off. Please wear a comfortable clothes for the treatment. (T-shirts, light pants and socks)
5: We care
Keita has an amazing healing hands and high quality technique. 
He always tries his best to remove your stiffness and pain.
You will be satisfied with this intensive treatment!
He is very strong, so he can approach very deep of your muscles, but also he can be very gentle for those who are very sensitive, depends on your request.
After the Shiatsu massage session, please drink lots of water.
It helps your circulation flow and detox.
You will get some advice such as easy stretch exercise from him to get you back to the pain-free life.
6. We are the ONLY ONE in Kelowna, Okanagan!
KIAI SHIATSU massage is the ONLY ONE in Kelowna, Okanagan region that provide you the traditional style of Shiatsu massage therapy which is licenced in Japan.
We introduce the forefront techniques of the health industry from Japan.
We will perform the best massage every time you visit us.
7. We use hormesis sheets at our clinic
Hormee sheets is a great invention and technology sheets in Japan. It relaxes your muscle, promote blood circulation and rejuvenate your body.
You can learn the detail of the sheets from our Hormee sheets page.

KIAI SHIATSU massage in Kelowna has our own reception room and our Japanese style

treatment room is completely private.

Our clinic provides you a clean, comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.

You will completely relax your body and mind.

Kiai shiatsu Japanese treatment room
Shiatsu massage hand
shiatsu treatment by keita ochiai
reception room
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