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1: -Is Shiatsu massage covered by Insurance ?-

A) Shiatsu massage is not covered by MSP, but some private insurance companies might cover Shiatsu massage. Please ask your insurance company.

Insurance covers very limited therapy, so if you have tried all the therapies under your insurance coverage, yet you still haven't solved your problem, come and see us!

It's worth the money. I don't care about the insurance as long as it fixes me.  I am so lucky that I found you.

Please don't go anywhere, stay in Kelowna!!

That's what all of our clients say. You can see more stories from our Testimonial page!

It's not covered by insurance, that's why we can take a great care of you!

2: -Is Shiatsu massage painful ?-

A) Shiatsu feels good, some areas have good pain that you will enjoy.

3: -How often should I take Shiatsu massage ?-

A) If you have a specific problem or extremely tight neck, shoulder and back, I would recommend couple of  times a week for concentrated treatment. For your regular maintenance, at least once a month is good.

It is really depends on your conditions, so I will tell you when you should get the next treatment after the treatment.

4: -Do I need make an appointment ?-

A) Yes. To serve you better, we recommend you make an appointment.

5: -Can I take Shiatsu massage after eat ?-

A) Please wait: Big meal>>90min, small meal>>30min for your digestion.

6: -Can I take Shiatsu after drinking alcohol ?-

A) NO Shiatsu massage after any alcohol for your safety.

7: -I slept in wrong position and can't move my neck. Can Shiatsu help ?-

A) Yes. Please come ASAP and you can move your neck after Shiatsu. Shiatsu massage is excellent for removing stiffness from your muscle. We also sell a buckwheat pillow which is very good for your neck.

See our health product page for more details.

8: -I twisted my ANKLE and swelling. Can Shiatsu help ?-

A) This type of injury, the best is RICE (Rest Ice Compression & Elevation). Swelling is Not for Shiatsu.

After 3-14 days, swelling is getting better then you can take shiatsu treatment.

9: -I just got in a car accident but feels OK. Can I take Shiatsu ?-

A) Even you feel OK, don't take things easy. Please go to see a Doctor first and get examination for your safety. Many people suffer an aftereffect of the accident years after the accident.

When your Doctor says OK to take shiatsu or massage, I can work on your symptom to remove muscle tension.  

ICBC covers Shiatsu massage, but please talk to your ICBC representative before the session.

10: -I am a pregnant, can I take Shiatsu ?-

A) Yes, I have lots of experience from couple of weeks to before birth. Please tell us before the treatment if you are pregnant. Your position is safe and comfortable, lie on your side or lie on your back.

Also, Shiatsu massage is great for mental unbalance such as mood swing, depression and irritation.



KIAI SHIATSU massage Kelowna, Shiatsu works great for pregnancy
KIAI SHIATSU massage Kelowna

*If you are not sure about your condition, please call or email us.

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