KIAI SHIATSU contributes our Shiatsu massage sales, manpower and time to the Kelowna's charity events.
Kelowna - Lake country Japanese Culture Society
Keita donated $1000.00 to this Japanese culture society whose missions are 

1.『Discover greatness of Japan for the people who live in this town once again』

 2.『Pass on to coming generations the fine Japanese culture and quality of the country』

 3.『Share the culture and information to the people who are interested in Japan』

Here is a Thanks letter from the organizer.
Every year, thousands of families from across the interior of BC must travel from their homes in order for a loved one to receive life-saving
specialist care at KGH. For many families wanting to maintain a presence at KGH for the period of their loved ones treatment, the lack of affordable, short-term accommodation in Kelowna adds significantly to their hardship. With funds raised, the KGH foundation has committed $8 million to build and operate JoeAnna’s House, a home away from home for families travelling for care to KGH.
Because of your support, $1,362 was raised to donate to this worthwhile cause.
Your business was recognized with many Thanks and your name was proudly displayed at the event.
Oct 12   Elevation Outdoors
We donated $300.00 to the Elevation Outdoors. Elevation's mission is to enhance the lives of underprivileged youth via participation in specially designed outdoor sports programs; and to help youth develop lasting passion for these sports while drawing parallels to life through the experience and learning life skills along the way.
May 2   JoeAnna's House KGH Foundation

We donated $300.00 to KGH Foundation.

Every year, thousands of families travel to Kelowna in order for a family member to receive life-saving care at Kelowna General Hospital.  

Keeping families together during these very difficult times is a matter of growing concern. 

On October 4, 2017, the KGH Foundation announced our campaign to raise $8 million to build and operate JoeAnna’s House, a home away from home for families travelling for care at KGH.

March 11
Spring festival at Nikkei Place/Burnaby
As the president of the Canadian Shiatsu Society of BC, Keita voluntarily worked as a Shiatsu therapist at the festival, and all the sales were donated to The Arthritis Society.
Jun 18
Boyd Fathers day charity event
This is our 4th year to attend this annual show!
We are proud to be raising funds for the Kelowna Professional Firefighter Society with proceeds to the Burn Fund this year.
Jun 19
Boyd Fathers day charity event
This is an annual event that organized by Boyd in Kelowna.
Our booth fee was donated to [Cops for kids]
Boyd Fathers day car show
Dec 6  
Taste of Japan
This is an annual event by City of Kelowna.
KIAI SHIATSU raise sales by giving a shiatsu treatment and all the sales was donated to Kelowna-Kasugai Sister City Association.
Nov 28 
Our neibour, Pro Tan event.
All the sales was donated to mental health society. Pro tan
Jun 21 
Boyd Fathers day charity event
This is an annual event that organized by Boyd in Kelowna.
Our booth fee was donated to [Cops for kids]
Boyd Fathers day car show
May 13 
Rotary Pro-Am Golf tournament
Our donation was contributed for children with special needs.
We also gave a FREE Shiatsu massage to the participants.
May 15  
Arthritis society charity event.
All the sales of the Shiatsu massage treatment was donated to the Arthritis society in Kelowna.
May 16  
Harukanaru Hibiki
Japanese cultural event.
Free Shiatsu massage treatment was performed for the guests to introduce Japanese culture.
May 27
KSER Scholorship golf tourney
This tourney was presented by the silver medalist at winter Olimpic 2014 in Sochi, Kelsey Serwa.
The sales of our GC was donated to the people who train very hard to be the next Olympian.
Below is a message from Kelsey;

Thank you Kiai Shiatsu for donating massages for the Inaugural TNT Classic KSER Scholarship Golf Tournament!!

Your support is helping fund our next generation of exceptional individuals who strive for excellence in athletics and academics!

Wishing you all the best,

Kelsey Serwa
Olympic Silver Medalist
World Champion

Jun 15 
Boyd Fathers day charity event
Our booth fee was donated to
[Cops for kids]
We provided a Shiatsu massage in public at the city park, Kelowna.
Jul 24 
Friends of Tom Golf tournament
All the proceeds from this event benefitted the Central Okanagan hospice association.