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Total Body Balance Treatment

Our treatments consist of these significant techniques:


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1.Shiatsu massage Treatment

Shiatsu massage treatment is very effective to loosen the tension in the muscles.

When the therapist finds the knot, he presses and holds the pressure on the knot, then it gradually melts and disappears, which means your knots are no longer disturbing your muscle movement. This is why Shiatsu therapy is different from other type of massage.

Your relaxed muscles are no longer pulling your bones, which disrupts your alignment. 

Your cells become active in order to get more oxygen and nutrition.

Shiatsu treatment improves your natural healing power and corrects the imbalances of your body. By performing full-body Shiatsu treatment, we identify the fundamental issue of your pain and treat the problem at the same time so that the pain doesn't come back repeatedly.


2. Spinal Adjustment

This is the spinal adjustment treatment which involves swaying your back gently for about 5 min.

It looks simple, but the result of this treatment is tremendous.

This technique straightens your cervical and spine so that the message from your brain travels to your body correctly. This treatment works for variety of symptoms that caused by spine imbalances.

After the session, you will feel your neck, shoulders,  back and legs are all loosen.

You can keep the proper posture easily which is very hard to do usually. 

You feel so light and refreshed that you feel like you shed some weights.


3. Internal Organ Adjustment

This treatment promotes your digestion and detoxifies your body.  

The core of your body makes you strong and healthy, so abdominal area is super important 

part of your body that needs to be treated.

After this adjustment, your organs become relaxed and ready to receive any messages from your brain.

Technically, without this adjustment, the cranial treatment does not work effectively.

This treatment works great for your upper & lower back pain too.

Without this treatment, the tightness or pain comes back constantly.

You feel great after you receive a regular massage, but the great condition does not last long...

Do you have such experience?  We'll tell you why!


4. Cranial Treatment

This technique fixes your Skeletal imbalances. The Cerebrospinal fluid starts to spread to your spinal cord to bring oxygen and remove toxins from your body.

Your body then starts to receive the right messages from your brain.

Your cervical is already straightened by spinal adjustment, so the messages from your brain run easily through your body like a stream. When this happens, your body starts to function correctly.

Not only this treatment works for headache, but also your mood changes instantly and dramatically. You feel happy, strong and positive.


*The therapist customizes your treatment based on your condition.




Canadian Shiatsu Society of BC created this development of shiatsu video to promote shiatsu therapy throughout the world.


Shiatsu massage is a traditional Japanese hands on therapy uses thumbs and palms to apply pressure on specific point called [ Tsubo ]  based upon western anatomical points

of the body.

As you can see the pressure point chart ( on the right) there are 660 basic pressure points and over 200 advanced points on your body.


Keita Ochiai is trained in traditional style of Shiatsu massage. 

This is the only form of shiatsu recognized and licensed by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare.



KIAI SHIATSU massage Kelowna
KIAI SHIATSU massage kelowna, Japanese pressure point treatment chart

Pressure point chart

KIAI SHIATSU massage Kelowna

KIAI SHIATSU is the only one that perform this traditional style of Shiatsu massage in Kelowna and Okanagan region.


Both physical and mental stress are reduced and stimulates the body’s own natural self-healing powers to correct imbalances of your body by this powerful therapy.


Shiatsu massage treatment is particularly effective to reduce chronic and acute pain associated with muscle problems such as neck, shoulders, lowback and joint.

You will feel the improvement of flexibility and range of motion after the treatment. 


Shiatsu massage is widely welknown as alternative medicine and it provides effective pain relief without side effects.

Taking these pain relievers does not solve the real problem of your body.

We will identify where your pain comes from and approach directly to the problem instead of hiding the problem temporary by taking these medicines.

Shiatsu massage also improve your immune system so that you can prevent illnesses and injury.

It is known as a preventative health in Japan.




1. Diagnosis and therapy combined

Each application of Shiatsu pressure is diagnosis enabling the therapist to treat according to the body's conditions.

The hands and fingers of the trained therapist are sensitive enough to detect abnormalities in the skin or muscles or body heat on contact and thus to pinpoint irregularities and determine at once what basic treatment to employ.


2. Using only the hands and fingers

Shiatsu massage calls on the assistance of no mechanical

devices or medicines.


3. No side effects

Since the points to be treated, pressure, and length of application are gauged according to the goal, treatment is accompanied by no unpleasantness.

This technique do not use any tools or oils, so it is great for the people who has skin problems. The patients can keep their cloths on during the treatment.


4.  No age limits

Shiatsu massage can be used on people of all ages ranging from young children to the elderly.

In the young, it helps strengthen the body; and in adults and people in middle age, it prevents so-called adult diseases and aging.


5. Shiatsu is a health barometer

Regular Shiatsu massage helps detect bodily irregularities and prevent the accumulation of fatigue and the occurrence of illness.


6. Deepens trust and reliance between  the patient and the therapist

The determination of the therapist to cure and the recipient's trust in the therapy combine and interact to increase the effectiveness of treatment.


7. Shiatsu is effective because it treats the whole body

Localized treatment may have temporary effects but can not bring about basic cures.

The only way to do this is first to treat the entire body and then to deal with localities showing pathological symptoms.

This, the Shiatsu way, it always proves effective.

Shiatsu massage therapy is strongly recognized as a preventative health in Japan.

KIAI SHIATSU massage Kelowna, stress relief
KIAI SHIATSU massage Kelowna, good of any ages
KIAI SHIATSU massage Kelowna, no side effcts by Shiatsu massage
KIAI SHIATSU massage Kelowna, recommend this great treatment to your partner
KIAI SHIATSU massage Kelowna, Great way to learn and take care of your body
KIAI SHIATSU massage Kelowna, we do our best to gain your trust
KIAI SHIATSU massage Kelowna, feel amazing rejuvenated and relieve


KIAI SHIATSU massage Kelowna, Shiatsu vitalize your skin
KIAI SHIATSU massage Kelowna, Shiatsu limber your muscle


1:Vitalizing your skin

To rejuvenate and maintain a younger,healthier skin

2:Limbering your muscles

To prevent injury and motion limitation

3:Stimulation & circulation of body fluids

To detoxify, activate cells and enhance immune system

4:Regulating your neural functions

To balance autonomic nervous system and build a strong body to manage stress

5:Controlling your endocrine system

To regulate hormonal balance and normalize organ function

6:Balancing your skeletal system

To maintain good posture and increase range of motion

7:Conditioning your digestive system

To enhance digestion/absorption by increasing blood circulation




Upper / Middle / Lower Back pain

Sciatic neuralgia / Sciatica


Rheumatoid arthritis

Baseball / Golf / Tennis Elbow

Carpal tunnel syndrome


PMS / Menopause


Morning sickness


Fatigue / Stress relief

Over work / Use

Sports injury


Any joint pain

Any muscle tightness / Stiffness

Accident recovery


Stroke recovery





Tension headache & Migraine



Facial paralysis

Trigeminal neuralgia



Sleeping wrong position

Stiff / Tight neck & shoulders

Shoulder blade area tightness

Frozen shoulder 

Whiplash injury



Intercostal neuralgia


Digestive problem







* Some conditions may require a Doctor's diagnosis.



KIAI SHIATSU massage Kelowna
What’s Spinal Adjustment?
This treatment straightens your entire spine including the upper
cervical, which is very difficult to fix.
The treatment involves gently swaying your back for 5 min.
You will feel nice and relaxed during the treatment.
The treatment is very mild and safe, yet extremely effective so that
there is no negative impact on your body.
When the nerve signals don’t travel correctly from your brain to your body, it causes many problems such as chronic upper & low back pain, shoulder ache, headache, general malaise and autonomic imbalance.
If you leave these symptoms untreated for too long, they will become a serious case and it is harder to recover from these conditions.
There are many people who are suffering from these various pains and think their only choice is to continue taking painkillers or operation.
The reason there is a block in the nerve signal’s travel from your brain is because there is a gap between the back of your head and upper cervical #1 and/or #2.
If the back of your head, which supports your whole skull, does not connect propely to the cervical, the signal from your brain doesn’t reach the rest of your body properly, causing many problems throughout.
KIAI SHIATSU massage Kelowna
KIAI SHIATSU massage Kelowna
How the Spinal adjustment works
Before the treatment, we examine some parts of your body.
At the examination, you can feel the pain from your tight muscles because your alignment is not straight.
A distinctive feature of this treatment is, not only the therapist but, YOU can feel the tremendous & noticeable improvement after the session. We examine these parts before and after the treatment so that you can feel the difference.
In most cases, the pains that were felt during the examination before treatment are gone. Right after the session, you can feel that your body has relaxed and loosened up. Your neck feels relaxed, your shoulders are soft, your back feels loose and your body doesn’t tired as easily.
Once your cervical has straightened up, your body starts to heal by itself.
Your body recovers after a good night sleep and resets the overwork that you had done the day before.
Within couple of days, you will realize that you are not tired  or sore like you used to be.
**There are some cases like injury or torn muscle that you don’t see the same results as most regular cases. For these cases, we recommend you visit the specialist.
Internal organ adjustment


What's Internal organ adjustment ?
Most massages skip or don’t focus on abdominal area, but did you know
that your abdominal area is one of the most important parts of your body ?
Internal organ adjustment is a part of the Shiatsu skill, but we focus
more on this part, because it is a very effective treatment and a perfect
combination with our cranial treatment.
The cranial therapy which we include in our treatment doesn't work
effectively without this internal organ treatment.
The founder of Shiatsu therapy, Tokujiro Namikoshi used to treats his own abdominal area every morning, so he lived a long healthy life even though he loved to drink.
Your organs tell us a lot about your health condition.
Troubled internal organs tense your muscle, and distort your spine and pelvic bone.
Many cases, when you have a back ache, it comes from your troubled organs.
When you drink alcohol a lot or get angry, it effects to your liver, therefore, you feel pain on your back (behind your liver) and right side of your shoulder.
When you worry too much, it effects to your stomach, therefore, you feel pain on your back (behind your stomach) and left side of your shoulder.
Moreover, these stress create a headache too.
Don't you have such experience?
Also this condition messes the autonomic nervous system, so you feel tired or spiritless, or even have palpitations and be short of breath.

KIAI SHIATSU massage Kelowna
KIAI SHIATSU massage Kelowna
KIAI SHIATSU massage Kelowna
How Internal organ adjustment works?
The therapist applies palm and finger pressure on your abdominal area to loose the tension of your internal organs and adjust the balance.
You get your energy back, your core is nice and relaxed after this adjustment.
Internal organ adjustment treatment works for joint & muscle pain, symptoms related to your head, autonomic imbalance and hormone imbalance such as PMS and menopause.



KIAI SHIATSU massage Kelowna
What’s Cranial Therapy
The purpose of the Cranial Therapy is to correct cerebrospinal fluid flow.
The cerebrospinal fluid protects your brain and spinal cord.
It also brings nutrition and removes toxins from your body.
Your brain is protected by your skeleton, which consists of 22 bones.
The suture of these 22 bones are moving along with your breathing,
but when this movement is disrupted, the cerebrospinal fluid does not travel to every corner smoothly. When this happens, you get tired or sick.
Correcting these suture movements by Cranial Therapy balances your skull and makes the cerebrospinal fluid move smoothly once again.
It improves the immune system & natural healing power, bringing your health to a normal level.
This therapy is effective for symptoms such as headaches, heavy stress, depression, insomnia, PMS, Menopause, allergies, high blood pressure, rheumatic.
If you are suffering from irritation or depression from hormone imbalance, you will be amazed how happy and calm you will become after the session.

KIAI SHIATSU massage Kelowna
KIAI SHIATSU massage Kelowna
How Cranial Therapy works?
There is no sudden movement or strong strength applied in this technique,  so there is no medical trouble caused by this technique.
It usually makes you wonder if such a gentle touch works, but it does!
We mix Shiatsu Treatment into the Cranial Treatment so that we treat any knots on your head and neck area.
The Cranial technique itself is a very gentle touch.
Some individuals experience a strong current flowing from the brain to the body after this session. Most people feel the energy flow become active and the head clears.
Any Questions?
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