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Marie and Keita, shiatsupractor

Marie & Keita

Keita perform shiatsu treatment

Marie is getting a Shiatsu treatment at her beautiful patio. Feeling nice breeze and sun, listening a chime and water fountain.

Junya Nakamura, owner of Wasabi restaurnt and Keita Ociai, shiatsupractor
Miriam, artist and Keita, Shiatsupractor
Kiyoshi Ikenaga, founder of Ikenaga Shiatsu International Holdings
I was referred to Kiai Shiatsu by a friend of mine and put it off for a long time thinking "this will just be another treatment that probably won't work"... I've had an ankle problem for about 2 years and have tried message, acupuncture, shock wave and none of it has worked.

But I reluctantly gave in a booked an appointment after being cajoled once again. And I can honestly say it was the best thing I've done for myself this year.

The treatment was gentle, well explained and I left with the stiffness and pain gone. I was told what I could expect in the coming days and true to his word every thing I was told came to fruition. I've been absolutely pain free in that ankle since my treatment a month ago

I couldn't recommend this treatment and this office more.
Dina Kotler
Nov 9, 2021
I have known about Keita for many years, as far back as 10 years or even more.
I used to see him in Lougheed mall.
Today was my first time in a many years.
He is amazing, very professional, kind man.
I will be back soon!
Jim Matheson
Jan 14, 2020
Jim is a super regular client who used to come visit the JSC Lougheed mall clinic 2 or 3 times a week.
Most of our colleagues know about him.
He moved to Kelowna like we did, and he found us!
We are very happy to be reunited.
We have got a permission to write about our client, Mr. Hritzak from himself.
Mr. & Mrs. Hritzak live in SK, and visit Kelowna once a year to visit his son who is a golf pro.
Last summer, they came to our clinic and received an one hour treatment each.
The couple came back to Kelowna and visited KIAI SHIATSU again and Mr. Hritzak told us about what had happened since last time he received a Shiatsu treatment from us.
He had suffered from shoulder pain for the last 35 years. 35 YEARS!! (Mr. Hritzak is in his 60th.)
He told us that because of the pain, he had to hold his arm to change a position when he sleeps and he had to do it constantly.
He couldn't raise his arm to change the car radio.
He had seen many many doctors but they recommended a surgery which he hates.
He had tried many Chiroparctor and physiotherapy treatments, and also number of registered massages but nothing helped his shoulder pain at all.
When his son took him to KIAI SHIATSU last year, he didn't believe this treatment will help his shoulder pain.
He reluctantly received a single treatment.
Guess what happened?
With only ONE treatment, the pain that he was suffering for the last 35 years was completely gone and the pain never came back since.
He said'' Now I can throw a rock, snowball, anything! and I even play hockey now. The last treatment completely changed my life.
It was a miracle.
I am so happy that I don't want anyone to touch my body now, because I don't want the pain to come back to me! ''
Sergy Hritzak / Oilfield  
Apr 11, 2016
They were so happy to tell us this story. It's an amazing feeling that we could change someone's life dramatically in a good way like him because we know how hard to live with constant pain. This kind of story doesn't happen every day, but we sure have seen lots of miracles and we want to keep this miracle happening! Thank you for sharing your story Mr. and Mrs. Hritzak.
I am so thankful for discovering your Shiatsu massage at the Holistic Fair in Kelowna!!
I tried a 10 minute session at the Holistic fair...and was intrigued enough to try it again.
If not for that 10 minute experience, I may never have found you!!
My mid &upper back had been strained various ways & places for the last 3 months(starting with an "ohh that hurt" while on a 5 week vacation), and had 3 deep tissue massages trying to fix it.
I have a physical job, ( mostly upper body and back/hips)and have used deep tissue massage for years as remedy, and preventative maintenance...and I love my R.M.T. I was very pleasantly surprised by the effectiveness of my first 30 minute treatment!!...
I felt a HUGE change in my range of motion, and after some 'hurts so good'(in spots) massage work , feel very much better...and not just the affected areas that were strained & painful!!!
I have to say this Shiatsu is as good or better than my RMT...and he's the bomb....
As recommended by Keita, because of how tight my muscles were, I came for a second treatment 6 days later, and that was the icing on my cake. I was already SO much better, but happy to have another excellent treatment, and now feel the limberest, most relaxed muscles in months!!
Kiai Shiatsu will definitely be a part of my ongoing maintenance and treatment of keeping my body strong and pain/injury free.Maintenance is super important...not just waiting until there's pain.
The atmosphere is very relaxing and welcoming, and the service great!! I was able to get that first very much needed appointment on very short notice...LUCKY me!!
I'm really glad I tried that 10 minute session, and very happy with the results of 2 thirty minute treatments!
I will definitely recommending it to others! (especially those I work with) First I'm sending my mom...she has issues that many elderly people have with posture and muscle & headaches etc, that I'm very sure Keita can help correct! Total fan and believer I am!! ...and very grateful!!
Thankyou a thousand times. I will be back!!...
Suzanne Stocken
March 3, 2016
Suzanne already has the R.M.T. but she still choose to receive our treatment because she sees the dramatical result from it. We are so grateful that lots of people has a great medical insurance, yet use our service. We make sure they are happy with what they spent.

I had a neck and back pain. I have had a shiatsu massage in the past and I was amazed by the effectiveness.

Keita is an excellent therapist and I felt wonderful after my session!

I would highly recommend his shiatsu to others.

Best experience with massage that I have ever had. It really works for me!


Terra / Clerical office worker

Feb 26, 2016


Terra & her husband visit us all the way from Armstrong!

けいたさんの指圧を受けてからとても体調が良くなり、本当にけいたさんの指圧 には毎回とても助けていただきました。身体の痛み(筋肉)をよく分かっていただいて、すごく身体が楽になったので、早朝からのハードな仕事も指圧を受けたおかげでがんばれました。



My health condition has been improved dramatically since I started receiving Keita’s Shiatsu sessions.

His treatment helped me so much every time I visit him.

He understands the pain you have, as well as your muscle condition.

Because he relieved my pain and I am in much better condition, I can go to work every day which starts very early in the morning and very hard labor.

I have received a variety massages in the past, but this is the first time for me to feel that I want to come back to his treatment regularly.


Mrs. K / Baker

Jan 14, 2016

I have had problems with my shoulder due to sports and weight training and found shiatsu to be quite an effective treatment in the past. After straining my shoulder again, I was pleased to find an authentic Japanese Shiatsu practitioner in Kelowna. Keita has been very thorough in his practice and has played an integral role in my recovery. We discuss my progress and concerns before each session without cutting into my treatment time. Keita and Chiharu are very personable and professional. I have and will continue to recommend their service without hesitation!


Sean Jones / Electrician

Nov 4, 2015

Dear Keita Ochiai,


It is my pleasure to recommend Keita Ochiai, Shiatsupractor.

Keita Ochiai completed a 2200 hour Shiatsupractor diploma program from the Canadian College of Shiatsu Therapy, which is the highest education standard in Canada and the entire English-speaking world in the field of Shiatsu Therapy.
Shiatsu was born in Japan, and the ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare of Japan acknowledged Shiatsu in Japanese law in the 1950’s. The diploma program which he completed is the equivalent qualification as in Japan.


Keita has worked at the Japan Shiatsu Clinic for 8 years.

His performance working as a Shiatsu therapist and manager of the Japan Shiatsu Clinic has proved that he has great Shiatsu techniques, as well as a reliable personality.


He is a person with a gentle heart and cares about the needs of others before his own.

On the other hand, he is thorough, excellent at solving problems and a strong leader.

I guarantee his specific style in Shiatsu, and recommend him to anyone needing to feel better not only physically, but also mentally.


Keita had a steady number of regular clients at the Japan Shiatsu Clinic, and he is now working to spread the benefits of Shiatsu therapy through his Kelowna clinic.

I believe that he does an excellent job and I would highly recommend his Shiatsu for your health.


Yours faithfully,


October 2, 2014

Kiyoshi Ikenaga, Chief Executive Officer

I.S.I. / Ikenaga Shiatsu International Holdings.

     Canadian College of Shiatsu Therapy Inc.

      Japan Shiatsu Inc.

I always had stiffness on my shoulder,neck and back but got worse due to my work and life style. 

My muscle tended to get stress and it caused me a headache,toothache and my either hand felt like paralyzed.  Because of this symptom I could not work efficiently, could not sleep well, that lead to physical and mental fatigue.

I went to chiropractor, acupuncture, stretching at home, start playing tennis to try to fix my problem.
By going frequent visit to KIAI SHIATSU on first few times, it started to help releasing stress on my body.  I start feeling better and eventually starting to notice less stress. 

I still need to visit shiatsu because due to my work and life style my body do get stiff and need to get massage and release that stress monthly. 

Chiropractor and acupuncture fixed certain problem at that moment, but no matter what i do or what people do, muscle get stress and need to release it, no matter what type of life style you have. 
Shiatsu is differently helping me to perform better at work and daily live.


Junya Nakamura / Owner & Chef of Wasabi Izakaya Kelowna

September 18, 2014


Wasabi Izakaya Japanese Restaurant is located in downtown Kelowna.

They serve fantastic Japanese tapas!

I had a frozen right shoulder/arm for a few months already, and nothing was working to bring it back to normal. Since I started having Shiatsu sessions with Keita my shoulder/arm have improved a lot and it is getting back to normal. Keita not only is working my shoulder/arm problem, but he is also helping my lower back and all of my muscular system. I strongly recommend everyone to have Shiatsu sessions with Keita, he is an expert and knows exactly what he needs to do to relief you from pain. I am very thankful that I started having these sessions.



Miriam Cunha Castillo / Kelowna

August 1, 2014


Miriam is a Dancer and she has a website.

You can contact her if you would like to have a dancer at your event.

 Yonisha Rhythms at






I was first introduce to KIAI SHIATSU at the Spring Health Show in Kelowna at the Curling Club Spring 2014. My friend had a Migraine Headache for two days. As we were walking through the show we came across Kiai Shiatsu booth. My friend was the first one to be treated that day at there booth. She took a 15 min. treatment and when she was finished she did not have a headache. I was impressed so I booked in for a session as I had problems with my shoulder and could hardly lift my right arm. Needless to say once I had the treatment my shoulder and arm was less painful and could move it quite freely.

I decided to book a 90 min. session the next week in his office. It was one of the best treatment I have ever had. I have had 6 treatments from Kiai and have enjoyed everyone of them. I continue now with a reg. maintenance and find I have more energy and shoulder and arm is doing well.

I recently had a Knee Replacement and had some very tight muscles in the calf of my leg and could not get to see him as his office was on the second floor and I could not get up the stairs, so he was kind enough to offer to come over to my place and give me a treatment in my home. I can't thank him enough for going over and beyond his professional service to accommodate me in my home.

I would not hesitate to recommend KIAI SHIATSU to any of my family or friends to give it a try as I feel this person has healing hands. He is amazing.

Thanks to both of you for your friendly service.


Marie Raeburn / Kelowna

July 11, 2014

Keita, I wanted you to know my partner and I won the tournament yesterday ! 

First win since 2008 and the pains I have had in my right elbow are nonexistent the following day, can't remember the last time that happened !

Thank you ! 

Jonathan Kadin / Kelowna

April 21, 2014


Jon is an active Pro Golfer and our client. He came to receive a Shiatsu treatment  in the morning of Apr 14 because  he had a golf tournament to participate in the afternoon. We wished his best performance, but not only had he performed excellent, he won the tournament !!!

We are extremely excited to hear about his great news !

He is  happy for us to post his message on our website.

Congratulations Jon !!!




Before meeting Keita Ochiai, I had been suffering for 8 months with a rotator cuff injury and osteoarthritis in my right shoulder.

I was very depressed and pain was wearing me out. Turning in bed at night caused pain and would wake me up.Turning the steering wheel in my car caused pain, as did lifting groceries, washing my hair, and many other daily tasks.

My injury also affecting my handwriting, and I developed a slight tremor in my right hand. The pain would radiate down my arm, and often go into my fingers.

It would go up the back of my neck and head, and down into my shoulder blade.

I felt awful.


After a single treatment with Keita, I was able to turn my head from side to side again,

and the pain actually completely left for 3 days. The treatments were non-invasive, and in fact were actually very relaxing !

Keita was able to release the tension from my body, and the pain left for longer and longer periods of time in between treatments.


I have been going to Keita for 2 months now, (every 2 weeks), and have had 4 treatments. I feel 90% recovered in this short span of time, and because of shiatsu I am

able to get on with my daily activities again.

I am so grateful to Keita, and love my shiatsu massage !

I will continue to go to see him, as I feel shiatsu is also a great stress reliever. I feel so much better after my massage, and find I have more energy and feel much calmer.


I highly recommend Keita Ochiai and KIAI SHIATSU !

He is extremely knowledgable, kind and trust worthy. I am hooked and am so grateful he recently moved to Kelowna. I cannot say enough good things about him.


Mary-Lynn Lamboo, Kelowna

April 11, 2014

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