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Hormee Sheets

Technology & invention of the Hormee Sheets

Aging progress faster by your life style such as stress, poor sleep, smoking/drinking, additives, UV rays etc…   because these habits create Reactive Oxygen.

The Hormee sheets generates SOD Enzyme by itself which eliminate the Reactive Oxygen.
You will be healthier and younger by just sleeping on this sheet.
Hormee sheets is a special sheets that is used in Hospitals, Clinics, Nursing homes and 5 star Hotels in Japan because people who sleep on this sheets receive a great health benefit.
It promotes blood circulation and relaxes your body.
It is proven that your muscle loosen after you lay on this sheets.
KIAI SHIATSU uses this sheets in our treatment room, so you will receive a benefit from the sheets every time you receive our shiatsu session!
Japnese technology & Invention
Deodorization of the Hormee Sheets
The result of the deodorization is so obvious so that it is very popular in nursing care center. 
This sheets supports a decent environment for both clients and workers.
Thermography test
Dark spots, acne, dull color of your face is caused by bad circulation.
When your internal organ temperature rises 1 degree, the amount of used metabolism rises up to 12 %!
On the contrary, if your body temperature drop 1 degree, you will receive many negative results such as.....
Immune system drop 37 % / get sick easily and hard to recover
metabolism drop 12 % / Weight increase for 2 to 5 Ib a month
Enzyme drop by 50%  / you feel low energy and get tired easily
Cancer cell likes low temperature
 Brain Waves test

When α wave is increased, there are many great effects such as

  • Relax your brain & body

  • Activation of your brain & cells

  • Increase the immune system

Many of the Olympians and professional sport players take in α wave training, because it develops the potential ability and strengthen concentration.

α-wave is great for pregnancy as well.

Negative Iron test
It does not use any energy source such as electricity and it generates average of 1,100/cc of negative irons. It has the relaxation and deodorizing effect  
​Oxidation-reduction potential
 INCI approval
By using the sheets for 30 min lowers the Oxidation-reduction Potential by -16. When this number is high, acidification is superior, and lower this number promote more restoration.
This result prove that it slower your aging process.

Hormesis powder is made by pulverizing 7 different natural minerals.

This special powder which is approved by INCI is resin-treated and printed on the fabric.

INCI stands for the International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients. INCI Hormesis powder meets the requirment/quality and has obtained INCI approval as a cosmetic ingredient.

[INCI name] referes to the component name based on the rules set by INCI and serves as the international name of cosmetic components published by the CTFA/Cosmetic Toiletry & Fragrance Association. (Currently PCPC / Personal Car Products Council.)


Recommended by WAARM

 "World Academy of Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine" was established with the purpose of advancing, expanding and growing the anti-aging medicine, while aiming to contribute toward humanities health advancement and human welfare by introducing anti-aging technology and products internationally through its communication efforts.

Recently, Hormee sheets has been recommended by the World Academy of Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine.

World’s Top Product Certification

International grand prize of the world’s top product certification.

Accreditation Organization: United States Foundation of the International Academy of Education University

If you are interested in this sheets, please contact us.
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