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We sell a Buckwheat pillow in Kelowna!

Do you have trouble sleeping?

Do you have neck, head & shoulder ache?


If so, your pillow might not be good for you.

Our Shiatsu massage is amazing, but you also need the right pillow to keep the good condition.

Quality sleeping reset your alignment, reduce tiredness and regain energy.

If you are not getting this natural healing process properly, try our Japanese buckwheat pillow!



Try our Japanese Buckwheat Pillow!


Principles of a Beneficial Pillow

1. Proper support for cervical alignment

2. Correct height firmness and size

3. Ability to conform to natural contours when moving in your sleep

4. Naturally absorbs and releases body moisture.


and our buckwheat has them all! It's the BEST pillow!

It has 1200 years of history in Japan.


Molds to shape
Firm support
Down or Feather
Pillow life
10 - 15 years
2 - 4 years
2 - 4 years
6 - 10 years
It works great for both back & side sleepers!!
KIAI SHIATSU massage Kelowna



Adjustable High

KIAI SHIATSU massage Kelowna



Keeps your head cool

Quality sleep

Fast recovery

Our 100% Organic Buckwheat Husk Pillow Helps...

* Neck pain & Muscle tension

* It slows down the aging process

* Headaches

* Sleepless

* Hair Loss

* Snoring

* Hypertension


KIAI SHIATSU massage Kelowna

When sleeping, the head is naturally warm, being further form the heart, are cool.

If the head becomes too warm, circulation slows down and the feet become even cooler.

It has also been suggested that a pillows surface should be 2-3 degrees lower than the head temperature.

The buckwheat husks makes the surface temperature cooler than a person's head.

Excess heat from the head is transferred to the pillow and dispersed through the hollow buckwheat husks.

Ideal sleeping conditions, deep and complete relaxation exist when the head is cool and the feet are warm.


Our buckwheat pillow provides optimal cervical support during sleep.

It is easily molded and individually adjustable to fit between your head, neck and shoulders, so you can find the best position and high for you!

It is a hypoallergenic product that is durable and environmentally friendly.

KIAI SHIATSU massage Kelowna

Too much pressure to your neck & shoulders causes you snoring and stiff shoulders.

KIAI SHIATSU massage Kelowna

Create too much blood circulationto your head stimulate your brain and disturb your deep sleep.

Right posture

KIAI SHIATSU massage Kelowna

Buckwheat pillow creates your neck with gentle S curve and stables it.

When the pillow is too high...

When the pillow is too low...

KIAI SHIATSU massage Kelowna, buckwheat pillow has excellent absorption & aeration
KIAI SHIATSU massage Kelowna, buckwheat pillow is easy to take care and last long

15 years

Excellent Absorption & Aeration

Easy to take care & last long

How to maintain a good quality of the buckwheat pillow
Place your pillow under the sun for couple of hours every 3 month for ventilation.
You don't need to wash the husk.
Use an extra pillow case to protect the original pillow.
The pillow fabric is designed specifically for the buck wheat pillow, so the husks doesn't come out from the pillow.
Pillow Price
You can find our location
by clicking here

Large          (15'' x 25'')    $109.00   $122.10  cash/cheque only for the payment, with tax

Large size pillow comes with an extra buckwheat husk bag.
This pillow is excellent for any type of sleeper including a person who moves around a lot while sleeping.
Medium     (14'' x 21'')    $89.00     $99.70 cash/cheque only for the payment, with tax

Medium size pillow is good for a person who stay still while sleeping.


Small          (12'' x 17'')    $69.00     $77.30 cash/cheque only for the payment, with tax

Small size pillow is perfect for camping or travelling. If you had a neck ache by sleeping with the thick puffy pillow from a Hotel, you know how important to bring your own pillow.

Plus Tax, Cash only

Please give it a try for at least 1 month and see how this pillow improves your health condition.
We hope your pillow journey ends here and this pillow bring you a plesant sleep every night.

8 Tips for a better sleep

1. Set a cool room temperature.
2. No electronic devices starting 30 minutes before bedtime
3. No caffeine after 2 p.m.
4. Pajamas, nightdresses and even special t-shirs send a sleep-friendly message to your body.
If you wear it to the gym, don't wear it to bed.
5. Do some light stretching, deep breathing, yoga or meditation to help your body and your mind transition to sleep.
6. When reading a book, make it a physical book or an e-reader that does not emit blue light.
7. Ease yourself into sleep mode by drinking some caffeine-free tea.
8. Before you turn off the lights, write a list of what you are grateful for.
This information is provided by Arianna Huffington at
(We have got a permission from her to post this tips.)
Try those tips to have a better sleep.
If you still have a trouble sleeping, we are teaching our clients a super-easy and effective method to relax your body which takes only 3 min to do.
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