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Kelowna's ONLY clinic that offers Traditional Japanese Shiatsu Massage!

Worksafe COVID-19 Safety plan

Please read our Safety Plan upon booking of a treatment.

 KIAI (Pronounce ''key- eye'') means ''Source of Energy from your Body & Mind'' in Japanese.


Do any of the following ring a bell?

 I feel tired even if I’ve had enough sleep.

The pain bothers me constantly and I can’t concentrate on my work.

I have tried many therapies to fix this problem, but I am still suffering.

I try to keep the proper posture, but it is very hard.

I am constantly taking pills for my headaches.

I am worried about my overall health in the future.


If you are…

Suffering from these problems.

Looking for an effective treatment for your problem that is not a stopgap.

Looking for a skilled therapist and to be treated with great care.

Strong interest in health and beauty.



Then let us help you!

This is the best solution for you!


KIAI SHIATSU massage Kelowna
Why have your symptoms
not improved?

Because the original problem which causes your muscles tightness 

has not been taking care of.


Why do you think our treatment is so effective?


What is the difference between KIAI SHIATSU and other therapies?

Total Body Balance Treatment
KIAI SHIATSU massage Kelowna


This is the best massage treatment to energize your body & mind.

Canadian Shiatsu Society of BC created this development of shiatsu video to promote shiatsu therapy throughout the world.

Our treatments consist of these significant techniques:


                                                                                                                                                        *Please click these title to see more details.

1.Shiatsu Treatment

Shiatsu massage comes from Asia, Japan and treatment is very effective to loosen the tension in the muscles.

When the therapist finds the knot, he presses and holds the pressure on the knot, then it gradually melts and disappears, which means your knots are no longer disturbing your muscle movement.  This is why Shiatsu massage therapy is different from other type of massage.

Your relaxed muscles are no longer pulling your bones properly, which disrupts your alignment. Your cells become active in order to get more oxygen and nutrition.

Shiatsu massage treatment improves your natural healing power and corrects the imbalances of your body. By performing full-body Shiatsu massage treatment, we identify the fundamental issue of your pain and treat the problem at the same time so that the pain doesn't come back repeatedly.


2. Spinal Adjustment

This is the spinal adjustment treatment which involves swaying your back gently for about 5 min. It looks simple, but the result of this treatment is tremendous.

This technique straightens your cervical and spine so that the message from your brain travels to your body correctly. This treatment works for variety of symptoms that caused by spine imbalances. After the session, you will feel your neck, shoulders,  back and legs are all loosen.

You can keep the proper posture easily which is very hard to do usually. 

You feel so light and refreshed that you feel like you shed some weights.


3. Internal Organ Adjustment

This treatment promotes your digestion and detoxifies your body.  

The core of your body makes you strong and healthy, so abdominal area is super important

part of your body that needs to be treated.

After this adjustment, your organs become relaxed and ready to receive any messages from your brain.

Technically, without this adjustment, the cranial treatment does not work effectively.

This treatment works great for your upper & lower back pain too.

Without this treatment, the tightness or pain comes back constantly.

You feel great after you receive a regular massage, but the great condition does not last long...

Do you have such experience?  We'll tell you why!


4. Cranial Treatment

This technique fixes your Skeletal imbalances. The Cerebrospinal fluid starts to spread to your spinal cord to bring oxygen and remove toxins from your body.

Your body then starts to receive the right messages from your brain.

Your cervical is already straightened by spinal adjustment, so the messages from your brain run easily through your body like a stream. When this happens, your body starts to function correctly.

Not only this treatment works for headache, but also your mood changes instantly and dramatically. You feel happy, strong and positive.


*The therapist customizes your treatment based on your condition.


           You feel less or no pain when you do the certain movement which bothers you before and you can feel your body start to heal itself.

Our bodies were originally designed to recover from tiredness and imbalances by sleeping.

The human body has  amazing power called ''Natural healing''.

We advise you to do some stretches to help maintain ideal conditions.


When you wake up in the morning and you feel like you’ve slept well, you carrying on to have a great day. Your body has shifted from

can’t get rid of tiredness 
completely refreshed after a good nights sleep!
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